Monday, March 30, 2009

Sunday, March 29, 2009

My Quit Smoking Pills Research

I wanted to start writing to you about my experience as a smoker and my decision to kick the habit by going with quit smoking pills. I have smoked cigarettes for longer than I can remember, since I was a young teen really. At that time anyone at any age could buy cigarettes at the local corner store. It may not have been legal for the store clerk to sell them to me at such a young age but apparently no one cared. From adolescence to young adulthood I smoked. I smoked a lot. I went from lights to “Reds” to menthol. I found myself buying the same brand the guys or girls was running with was smoking. I am now many years older and have small children. I never smoke in the house or directly around the kids. The kids are at an age where they are asking questions about my smoking habits and they are hearing from school, radio, and television that smoking is no good for you. For me it is time for these nicotine sticks to GO! I have a few friends that tried quit smoking pills and were able to kick the habit. They did allude to the fact that all pills are not created equal and they tried a few different ones before finding the one that was the best as far as no bad side effects and no harsh cravings. With that said I started to do my own research.

There are so many websites out there that have information about smoking and the different remedies available but I did not find any sites that rated the solutions which were available. I was going to just make a doctor’s appointment and ask my normal doctor but from talking with my pharmaceutical sales buddies every doctor is “in bed” with a specific drug manufacture for one reason or another. Now don’t get me wrong I trust my doctor and look to him for advice but I was basically afraid that I wouldn’t get the best solution for me but instead I would get the best solution for my doctor. The website I have starting reading does appear to have a fair amount of knowledge of a stop smoking pill that looks promising. I hope to do more research post updates shortly but for now my kids are calling.
Just remember, you’re not alone.